Monday, June 3, 2013

#535: Summer Solitude

There was a bit of craziness here Memorial Day weekend.
Lots of folk visiting, lots of alcohol.
Some locals have begun the 'longing for winter quiet' already.
Not me, solitude can always be found,
if you get up early enough,
or go out to the moors.
Sankaty bluff, toward Milestone Road

Sankaty Light on the right,
  golf cart on the left.

Main Street at 6 am

Pacific Bank peeking out,
its flanking elms gone.

Pacific Club, 
at the other end of Main Street.
My son, a mason, tells me they found 
 old trompe l'oeil on the ceiling
while working on it.
I'll post pictures when I get them from him.

The harbor, at rest.

Sconset's always good for a walk,
a clear head,
an open ear to hear God's voice.

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