Thursday, June 13, 2013

#538: Father's Day Photos

So here's my last minute Father's Day hero:
Yes, it's Tony, at the Camera Shop on Sparks Ave.
Sorry for the poor quality photo--
not Tony's fault!

He's been running the place forever and is,
as of last spring, the official owner.

With a cool truck magnet.

So, all I have to do is go to
load some pictures, hit order prints and
voila! Tony emails me a half-hour later
and I go pick them up.
At 25 cents a picture it's a steal.

Awesome Father's day album or photo book or calendar
or card or mug or t-shirt.
OK, only the photos are instant but he can
get the rest too.
I love having a local guy help me with my 'projects'.
I'd show you the results but David reads my blog
and I don't want to wreck the surprise.
Thanks, Tony!
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