Friday, June 21, 2013

#541: Russell Morash's Garden

Our go-to reference book
for gardening has always been
Russell Morash's Victory Garden.
Who knew we'd get to visit his home version
on Nantucket?
Of course, it helps that Marian Morash buys
her fish from us, Glidden's Island Seafood.

We headed over on a rainy day.
The Morash garden began with Nantucket's typical 1/4" topsoil,
in other words, none. It's all sand.
The Morashes bring in loads of free compost from the dump,
I mean, Environmental Park.

David had some ideas,

About which Mr. Morash was, um, skeptical.

The man knows what he's doing--look at this butter lettuce!
We don't even try bibb, the slugs always get them.
(he gave us this one, bless him--it served 3 meals...)

It starts in the 'Victory Garden' greenhouse.
One plant per cell or a bunch in a row planter.

Then to 4" pots, all in starter soil.
Garden soil would bring bugs and fungus into the greenhouse.

Everything goes into raised beds

in perfect rows.

The bean seedlings are covered to keep the doves and crows
from pulling them up.

We're going to try these Hakurei turnips next year,
planted May 2nd and ready to harvest already!
They were an inch across and so sweet.

The indeterminate tomatoes are pruned and trained
to two main stems.

Escarole is blanched by a pot on top.
This was an experiment,
worked ok but some has bolted.
It perversely made me happy
that even Russell Morash's lettuces
get away from him.

The fruit of it all,
summer feasting with anonymous family 
and friends.
Very funny, guys.
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