Thursday, July 18, 2013

#549: The Nantucket Folk Art and Artisan Show

I'm in it! Woohoo!
I've never applied before as even the smallest booth costs $500.
But this year my friend Marcia Strickland
is sharing her booth with me.
 Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear chairs are ready for 

Baby Bear's chair has a silk tie pouch 
for a Beatrix Potter story.

I made 3 more of these stools,
which explains why I haven't blogged for a week...

And another toddler rocker, in red,
for Marcia's handmade Butterscotch Bear.
By handmade I mean no machine sewing,
all by hand.
She amazes me.

 Here's the booth.
I'm thinking a few silk neckties would spice it up,
have to talk to Marcia ...

Hopefully, these, plus Marcia's Nantucket photos, 
will all be gone by Monday.
I'll let you know.

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