Friday, July 26, 2013

#550: After the Folk Art and Artisan Show

I sold one piece, the baby bear chair:
Which will now be loved by a toddler in New Canaan.
It was disheartening to sit for 3+ days and make only 1 sale.

Although a couple of hundred people came by the booth.
We gave out quite a few free Lifesavers.
Did you know they're called Lifesavers 
because they look like mini life preservers?
Well, now you do.

This is Marcia.
She's a photographer  and maker of teddy bears.
I loved having one of her bears in our booth for company.

As the show wasn't that busy
 I spent a lot of time visiting other booths.
21 of the 64 booths at the Show 
were from Nantucket.
Here's the one right next to us:
she makes jewelry.

She took a class from Sara Hutton years ago, 
and launched a career.

She likes turquoise and pearls,

A lot.
The freshwater pearl earrings were quite popular.

Here's what I love about pearls:
they form in oysters around a
grain of sand, like pus around a splinter.
Except, they're beautiful.

My life has irritants too, given by God for a purpose.
The question is, what to do with the irritation?
Make pearls, or pus?
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