Saturday, July 27, 2013

#551: Masterpiece, Ireland Galleries

This is Lorene Ireland:
with one of her creations at the Folk Art and Artisan's Show.
A similar design won an award at the
World of Wearable Art in New Zealand.
I cannot even imagine the time and focus it must take 
to create such a masterpiece.

Her pieces are covered with thousands of seashells,
artfully arranged.
Her grandmother's shell collection
 got her started.
Many times that spark of creativity is
ignited by love of someone.
For me, with the necktie chairs, it was my dad.
For Lorene, it was her grandma.

She has a shop down on Old South Wharf.
There are a whole bunch of tiny shops on the wharf
which I love to visit.
Usually, the shopkeeper/artist is there,
continuing to follow their passion.

Even when it involves loading and unloading
for a show.

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