Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#552: Counting Blessings

You know that story in John
where the guys have been fishing all night and
Jesus tells them to throw the nets on the
right side of the boat
and they catch 153 fish?
I love that story.
Codfish, in a tote at the Ruthie B, 
Nantucket's last resident dragger.

So here they are:  exhausted, disheartened, hopeless.
They do what Jesus says and catch more fish than they can haul.
And John says, "It is the Lord!"
John, who only a short time earlier had watched Jesus
tortured to death on a cross.
Now He's inviting them to breakfast.

Can you picture it?
The boat brought in to shore with its net
stuffed with thrashing fish, probably musht.
The men laughing and calling out numbers:
I got 17, 18, 19...
32 over here! 33, 34, 35...
Counting blessings thankfully,
then sharing them out:

19 raspberries

Four fat peapods,
multiplying peas.

Six bantam chickens, not yet laying eggs,

One treasured grandson,
learning to balance like his mom.

Sunrise over my home island,
shared with tens of thousands in the summer.
and if you'll excuse me,
I'm off to have breakfast with Jesus...
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