Friday, August 9, 2013

#554: Miacomet Pond Kayaking

Ah, kayaking.
The closest I'll ever get to being a dufflepud.
I kayaked for the first time the other day,
on Miacomet Pond:

My dear friend supplied the kayaks.

Willow loosestrife walks along the edges.
Not invasive like purple loosestrife,
it arches over the water.

Red-eared slider turtles bathing in the sun. 
We saw one large snapping turtle peeking up,
but kept our distance.

The pond is about a mile long,
as we got nearer the head, it got shallower.

A side trail, redwing blackbirds scolding from both sides.

A blossom on a pond weed.

A damselfly on a toe.

A patch of purple loosestrife,
we pulled up what we could, lacking a shovel.

A male widow skimmer,
its genus name, Libellula, 
suggests a 'booklet' in Latin.

Paddling toward the head of Miacomet makes me think of
a passage in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader:
'Whiteness, shot with faintest color of gold
spread round them on every side,
except just astern where their passage 
had thrust the lilies apart 
and left an open lane of water 
that shone like dark green glass.'

Kayaking the great ponds of Nantucket.
I highly recommend it.
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