Thursday, August 15, 2013

#556: Square-foot Garden: potatoes

It's August, our 2000 sq ft of garden
is in full production and I find this:
A 20# bag of sprouted yukon gold potatoes. Oops.
The only thing to do is plant them whole.
In a new garden space.

Voila. An 8x8 rubber sheet has been over this patch
of sod for the last month.
Everything underneath is brown and ready to turn.
Using a spade, I dig 12" squares and turn them upside down.
It feels like I'm my Scottish ancestress digging peat.

The potatoes are laid out in a 12" grid, 
sprouts and all.

Then watered, then the squares go back on top,
upside down. 
A wheelbarrow full of garden soil fills in the gaps.

Two weeks later:
a new potato bed.
I'll let you know the yield when we harvest.
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