Monday, August 26, 2013

#562: Nantucket Bagg Company

This is Charlie:
He's one of Nantucket's many brilliant craftsmen.
He built the house he's standing in.
He believes mermaids are real.

This is my daughter's hemp gardener bag.
She is crazy about this bag.

It's a little like the Velveteen Rabbit,
too loved to be tossed but wearing out.

The straps are ratty, the pocket's torn...
a gardener's tools are hard on a bag.
But, like any Nantucketer, Becky can't toss
a 'perfectly good bag'
It just needs pockets and new handles...

Charlie to the rescue.

His harness sewing machine can handle anything.
Charlie makes these bags.

And fixed this one.

Thanks, Charlie.
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