Thursday, September 19, 2013

#568: Honey Harvest

Our first honey harvest!

Always start with the smoker.
I was told the bees think there's a fire, 
so they eat  honey and get all dopey.
Like us, at Thanksgiving.

Whoa, honeycomb in the top super already!
We have very busy bees.

There's a metal grate on top of the 2nd super 
which prevents the queen from moving farther up.
It's called a 'queen excluder'.

The workers call it
'another thing to make honeycomb on'

Checking the frames, this one's full and capped off.

Scrape off the cap wax, carefully,
then hang the frame to drip over a cookie sheet.

As Carl says:
"This house is about to be filled with the sound of yum."


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