Sunday, October 20, 2013

572: First Egg!

Our bantams have begun to lay!

This was the first, beautiful creamy-white egg.
Laid by one of the Dominica bantams.
The thrill of a chicken's first egg is a lot 
like the thrill of a kid getting their balance on a bike.
It's a yahoo! moment.

Here's two for breakfast,
along with one of Flashdrive's eggs and
some black and white Irish sausage.

Short-tail hasn't started laying yet but it'll be soon,
she's certainly eating plenty of kale.

At dusk the bantams all hide in the morning glory tangle.

Hoping not to be spotted and put in the henhouse.
We can't let them roost outside because of the
red-tail hawks.
And because it's a pain in the neck looking 
for hidden eggs.

They are lovely against the lowering sun, tho'.

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