Sunday, October 27, 2013

#573: Moonlit squidding

Most of the boats are gone,
but the squid are here,
so down to the docks we go.
By the light of the moon,
and the lights on the dock.

The last Steamship on her way in.
Night-time horizon golden with lights.

Lifeflight helicopter, on her way to Boston.
Whenever we see this helicopter,
we pray for whoever might be in it.

You have to fish under the lights for squid,
that's where they congregate, along with the krill.
Not as many as the other night,
probably due to the seal we saw in the shallows.
Boat owners have been known to knock out the lights
so people won't get squid ink on their boats.
It doesn't come off.

A sweet guy dumped his bucket so I could get a picture.
He caught all these and we didn't get any!
Maybe it wasn't the seal...

Last ink fight.

Sorry about that, 
our high school woodshop students replaced the boards
and we got them inky.

Sailboats sleep in the silver light.
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