Saturday, December 21, 2013

#589: John D Higgins

Yesterday my brother John died in his sleep.
He was only 50.
Here he is with his cheeky grin with my baby sister, Keller.
No matter what life threw at John, he always kept his sense of humor.

Here he is with mom-Katy-Tom-Meg-Chris-(John' s space)-Keller.
He's the one in the yellow t-shirt.
This is the kind of guy he was:
When he worked at Home Depot, an elderly woman 
came in for some lumber.When he asked her what it was for 
she explained she was going to build a raised bed garden for the
special needs adults she cared for.
John dropped off the lumber, then built the beds.

 He had the courage to testify against Michael Skakel,
a fellow student at Elan, and see him put in jail for murder.
He believed that to be the best thing he ever did.
He loved to help folk.
He would say, "Giving of myself to others is the most
selfish thing to do."
He was a fierce friend, a great cook, a dependable rock in trying times.
He will be sorely missed.

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