Thursday, January 31, 2013

#495: Winter guest entertainment

My brother lives in an apartment.
Working in the yard is his idea of fun.
What kind of sister would I be if I
didn't let him have fun on vacation, hmmm?

I dont know what the crowbar is for.

Oh, cutting down this dead pine with David.
Sad to see it go;  it was the kids' favorite climbing tree.

First you cut the stems of the porcelain berry and dog rose,
then wrap a rope around, tie it to the truck's bumper...
and pull.

The bridal-veil clematis required hand-pulling.

All clear, nice job.
Now for a free movie:

We had the Dreamland to ourselves.
Try that in August.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#494: Nantucket Seal Cruise

In January the sportfishing charter boats
are, um, idle.
So what to do with a January guest?
Seal Cruise.
Arranged with a scalloper/lobsterman/fisherman
on his lobsterboat.

Waiting at Walter Barrett's Pier in Madaket

Heading out, dressed for the weather

Seals lounging

As far as the eye can see

Some on the beach, others in the water

Looks a lot like Nobadeer Beach in August

Shall I go in or not?

In the shallows

They cover the whole island.

Sir and Lady Something-something.
What would you name them?

Not too close

Tho' this horse-head seal came in for a look

Lounging at the beach house.
If you'd like to know more about the seals,
go here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

#493: Nantucket Snowy Sunrise

Because of wind and warmer winters 
due to the 'ocean effect'
Nantucket hardly ever gets snow that sticks.
So we get our pictures right away,
praising God for His artistic hand.
Surfside, almost dawn

Snack Bar and bike racks

American Elm by the high school,
cauliflower white 

Sunrise behind the Old Mill

Blazing light beyond somber tombstones

Prospect Hill cemetery in pink

Squam Swamp,
the wind had already blown the snow from the branches
of the tupelos.

Pockmarking the snow on the ground

Trees wait, patiently.

#492: Chicken Distress

It's her own fault.
She has a perfectly comfy henhouse,
where her 17 sisters sleep.
Every night she sneaks out 
(we don't know how)
then tries to get back in come morning:
Anybody here?

Or over here?

I'll just wait at the door till someone comes.
Only she doesn't.
She keeps pacing back and forth hoping
something will have changed.
A lot like me.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

#491: Snowy Doorways

Everything is so much lovelier when capped with snow.
Temporarily obsessed with Nantucket doorways:

A properly humble entry.
Steps come up from the side.

No devout Quaker would have
their steps leading straight in.


 And welcoming.

Love these colors,

And these.
You can tell the houses with negligent
caretakers as the wreaths stay up 
way past Christmas.

Hospital Thrift Shop
The sign says 'We love our volunteers'

No sailing today.

A noble door,
the gateway to knowledge.

Shoveled walk. The only one on Broad Street.
 Stubbys stays open all winter.

As do the churches, only we meet downstairs
where it's more cozy.
No need to shovel here, the snow will all have melted
by Sunday.

#490: Beyond Beautiful

And it did!
Nantucket is beyond beautiful in a fresh snowfall:
This is Summer Street Church's tower.
I intended to go up in it to get a shot of town.
Sadly, I was driving the truck and my church key
is on the car's key chain.
Still, a lovely sky beyond the tower.

Lower Main Street

 Pine Street

Upper Main Street

Easy Street Basin

Freight Boat, morning run.

Look close.

And beyond.
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