Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#527: Signs of Spring

There was frost on the truck windows
last night but spring really is here.
Deer in the yard. Cheeky deer. Look how close I am!

Deer? What deer? I don't see any deer...

Tiny baby bantam chicks,
they're so light you can hardly tell you're holding them.

Unimaginably huge.
(click to see pictures)

 And most of all, Downeyflake Scotch-Irish Cake.
Not so light, but Mmmm good.

Welcome, Spring.
We're so glad to see you again.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

#526: Chickie Goes to Washington

We always meant to take our kids to Washington.
I mean, how could we call ourselves a homeschooling family
if we never took the kids to Washington?
How could we neglect the cultural and political center of our nation?
This spring we realized there were only two of the six kids
still in school so we'd better act soon.
We took Chickie with us, to narrate the experience:

First, of course, there's reading material.
Travel from Nantucket to Washington involves a ferry, 
a bus, a train and a taxi.
A One Direction fanzine should do.

Then there's snacks.
Gliddens always travel with GORP.
Note the low number of M&Ms already.
This trip, we kept re-adding M&Ms.

Here we are! Big City, little Chickie.

Why is this turtle spitting water?

Oooh, the Library of Congress.
I could live here.
Sadly, we couldn't go into the Reading Room as Carol
is not yet sixteen.

People who run Marathons should not then hike 
all over Washington.

Biking is better.

Military cemeteries are so sad. 

Curious seal, and child.
The pandas were also appreciated.
They think the female one is pregnant.

Eating out one meal a day.
And somebody else does the dishes!

We saw Julia child's kitchen and Dorothy's ruby slippers.

The White House wasn't open when we biked past.

Nor the Washintgon Memorial.
All the flags were half-mast in solidarity with Boston.

Neckties were everywhere.
You know how much I like neckties.
We even saw five, yes, five, bowties.

We did so much more, but this Chickie's tired
and headed home.

Monday, April 22, 2013

#525: Baby Chicks!

We've paid too much attention to evil lately.
Here's some goodness and awwws:
Bantam chick, four days old.

Jesus reminds us:

In this world

you will have trouble

 but take heart

(be of good cheer)

I have overcome the world.

There is fellowship

and comfort, still.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

#524: All Messed Up

Spring Vacation.
Patriots' Day.
Running the Boston Marathon.
Oh, he's run marathons before--
Hyannis, New York, Niagara Falls, Dublin,
but never Boston, never the iconic race.
 A dream about to be fulfilled.

Trying on the jacket so he knows what size to order
when he finishes.

Dinner out with the wife and kids,
a good night's sleep at a friend's house then

a cab ride to the bus that will take him to Hopkinton.

We waited in the family waiting area, 
a block over from the finish line.
Heard the explosions, stunned into silence.

Triumph turned to sorrow and grief.

He was still a half mile out when they told him the race was over.
So he hiked in, found us, hugs all around.
We walked to South Station and caught the train
to Washington.
The sun sets out the train window
on a sadder world.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

#523: Sconset Storms

Along the shore there are always changes.
Sconset's Gully Road is a case in point:

there used to be houses on the right side of the road.

The swingset has been moved back.

Various methods to keep the sea at bay have been tried.

Still, the waves roll in, all the way from Spain.

Bringing all sorts of beachcomber fancy.

We can only watch, and wonder.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#522: Tobias won!

He won! He won!
Oh, I'm so proud of him.

The vote count:
Tobias Glidden 1,183
Matt Fee 1,080
Patty Roggeveen 1,033
Stephen Maury 729
Allen Reinhard 699
Carol Dunton 139
Joe Dooley 89

And Matt Fee was my other choice,
I'm dancing inside.

All that campaigning, sign painting, networking,
hand-shaking and talking, talking, talking to people
bore fruit.

Now the real work begins.
He says it feels like getting into the college of your dreams,
and having to start classes the next day.
You can do it, Toby.
And you'll continue to have lots of help.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#521: Tobias Won!

From having a friend
over for tea and making dozens of buttons:
with a borrowed button press,

and recycled scrap paper.

To sign painting parties with his friends:
Using scrap wood and leftover paint.

To hours of campaigning at the Stop and Shop:

Hours from which he would come home full
of enthusiasm,
and desperate for a hot shower because
he was so cold.

To today:
Waving at the Rotary at 7 in the morning.
Then at the high school for the rest of the day.
Friends held signs too,
and mom brought lunch.

Votes will be counted after polls close at 8 pm.
I'll update this post and let you know,

Saturday, April 6, 2013

#520: Flowers and Fuzzy Chicks

There's some serious Spring Fever
happening around here.
My daughter and I just doubled the size 
of the perennial bed and my son cleaned the basement.
So, a bit of Spring silliness,
featuring the colors we've missed this grey winter:
The flowers were from David for my birthday


The chicks are prizes

for Sunday School kids

who've memorized their Bible verses

Peeking pink.

And yes, the daffodils are blooming.
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