Friday, August 30, 2013

#564: Hummingbird in the sunroom

It's been grey for 3 days now.
A Rufous hummingbird just flew into our sunroom:
She's flying against the window, trying to get out.


Help! Please help...

Easy to catch, oh so light, I can hardly feel her.
Look at those iridescent feathers!

Where she belongs. Out in the bright flowers.

Zinnias on fire.

And glowing purple.
In all the grey there is still color to feast on.

for bumblebees and hummingbirds...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#563: Harbor Wander

A fog-bound morning is perfect for 
wandering around the docks.

Blue and yellow.
An early rising fisherman.

Boats for getting to other boats.

Draggers tied up at one wharf and...

Yachts at another.

Nantucket pigeons,
who needs birdseed?

Women can be found everywhere,
just follow the signs.

Not my house, definitely my guy.
The crazy busyness of August begs
early morning wandering with David.
Keeps us sane.

Monday, August 26, 2013

#562: Nantucket Bagg Company

This is Charlie:
He's one of Nantucket's many brilliant craftsmen.
He built the house he's standing in.
He believes mermaids are real.

This is my daughter's hemp gardener bag.
She is crazy about this bag.

It's a little like the Velveteen Rabbit,
too loved to be tossed but wearing out.

The straps are ratty, the pocket's torn...
a gardener's tools are hard on a bag.
But, like any Nantucketer, Becky can't toss
a 'perfectly good bag'
It just needs pockets and new handles...

Charlie to the rescue.

His harness sewing machine can handle anything.
Charlie makes these bags.

And fixed this one.

Thanks, Charlie.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

#561: Boy Scout Camp Focus

We live up the street from a 100 acre
Boy Scout camp.
I'll not show you the lodge and tents and firepits,
but rather the untouched-by-man acres:

Sun glow through the wild grasses

Pathways to nowhere,
one of these led to Undergound Tom's place,
it's all caved in now.

Looking back toward the meadow,
the obstacle course is off to the right.

Biking along the paths to my favorite spot:

Blueberry Haven,
there are millions of these,
you just have to be willing to stoop.

Which, for the sake of blueberry muffins all winter,
I am.

In the big picture it's land in a high-end resort,
with the potential to make someone a ton of money,
Focused in, it's a haven, a wilderness for the scouts,
a place to pick blueberries.

I'd so appreciate your signature on a petition
to keep it that way.
The blueberries can't speak for themselves.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#560: Moonrise over Monomoy

The population of Nantucket increases fivefold every summer.
Yet it's still possible to enjoy the isolated beauty
of the island.
Just go to the beach--at night.
Sunset over town

Beside the Town Clock

And gone, now turn around:

Moomrise over Monomoy

Silent, shining gold

Partying on in town...
The sound carries across the water,
but not the crowds.

Monday, August 19, 2013

#559: Sermon Haiku #42: Acts 2-3

Gale-force winds, fiery tongues
Spirit's promised arrival
Heart language gospel
Peter's 2nd chance
Post-resurrection sermon
No longer afraid

Death can't hold Jesus
His promise for all He calls:
Broken chains, new life

Court of the Gentiles 
Pass through the Beautiful Gate
Not for the broken

Beggar, lame from birth
Outside the gate, seeking alms
God has a surprise

Peter speaks to him
In the name of Jesus, walk
Lifts him to his feet

Dancing through the gate
Praising God with his whole self
Astonishing all

Faith in Jesus' name
The days have finally come
Lame men leap with joy

Sunday, August 18, 2013

#558: Carefree Cobbletones

Summer slows down.
We realize we haven't been to town to hear
the Cobbletones yet so off we go.
So glad we did,
a sweet time of forgetting our cares
and enjoying the harmonies:

A septet of summer harmonizers

The ever-present bevy of young female admirers,
the sticker speckled tin is for contributions.

The Bop Song: Bop, pull and twist.
A kid from the audience does his best.

A manly nautical piece,
we have been, after all, a whaling town.

Our favorites: 
What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?
A sweet summer evening of carefree song
before they all go back to school.

#557: Beekeeping on Nantucket

My son has added a 3rd super to his hive.
His friend brought the vintage smoker,
to keep the bees calm:
Might need a little non-vintage duct tape.

The reason they need a 3rd super:
the bees were building comb on their roof.

Which we carefully scraped off.
No beekeeper wastes honeycomb.

Nice calm bees.

The pale top half is capped off cells, full of honey.
The orange cells on the lower right contain drones.

Building comb on the top of the frame,
they want a third floor!

Which my son is happy to supply,
note the queen exclusion screen.
She's not allowed upstairs. back on.
Now to do some research on small hive beetle traps,
we saw a few beetles. Dang.

Propolis on the side. Bees make it to seal the hive.
Stradivarius used it in his varnish.
It tastes like zinnias. Luthiers are welcome to it.

I'm good with just the honey.
Thanks, bees.
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