Sunday, January 12, 2014

#593: Madaket Snowy Owl Quest

Yes, we're still on a quest
to spot a snowy owl.
This time we went to Madaket:
where we spotted a black-backed gull
serenely cruising over a tempestuous sea.

Windsurfers in Madaket Harbor,
not birds, but flying nonetheless.

A herring gull,
flying off with a scallop,
not intending to share.

Seeking, Jackson Point

An osprey nest,
waiting for spring, and nestlings.

Searching along the mosquito ditch,
nothing but wet feet so
we headed over to Walter Barrett pier.

Where we were greeted by these lady mallards.

But what's that?
Could it be, a snowy owl on that distant tree?

Yes! He was staring right at us. Oh, if only I had a zoom lens.
Go here for snowy owl close-ups by Dr. Greg Hinson.
He has a decent camera, and a prodigious talent.

A quick stop at second bridge to celebrate
our successful quest.
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