Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#595: Nantucket Blizzard

We're in the midst of a nor'easter.
It began yesterday at 4:15.

And howled through the night.
Our hens were safe in their house.
There's a half-foot of snow and it's still coming down,
only blowing around so much it's more like deep drifts
and bare patches.

Morning chores include pouring the teakettle out
onto their frozen water.

For which they reward us with three eggs.

The beehive needed its doorway cleared,
the cement hedgehog on top keeps 
the styrofoam on, and the insulation
gives them an area of the hive to cluster.
We don't wrap the whole hive because
that would hold too much moisture.
The bottom is left unwrapped in the hope
the hive beetles will die from the cold.

The dozen or so dead bees underneath
are actually a good sign,
the bees are keeping their hive clean.

That's it for my outside chores.
I came back in to breakfast by my daughter.
The 400 degree oven required for a puff pancake
heats our house,
and the pancake heats our bodies.

Appreciating the blizzard
from inside.

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