Sunday, February 2, 2014

#597: Sermon Haiku #44: Luke 4:1-13

Fighting temptation
Prepare for battle: armor
first, then grab my sword.
(So, my particular temptation is sloth,
hence the bike, now you know)

Resist the devil:
He's the enemy of my soul
Not George with a pup

I'm vulnerable
Mostly when I think I'm not.
Be alert, be wary.

Holy Spirit filled
God himself empowers me
I fight in His strength.

Devil's repertoire:
'You can handle this alone.'
'God abandoned you.'

Google the Scriptures:
Listen: 'I am with you always.'
God's word sets me straight.

Set free by the truth:
My name, written on His heart.
This world can't compare.
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