Sunday, February 16, 2014

#600: Snow Steps

I woke this morning to a winter wonderland,
peopled by footprints:

A mouse across the top of the picture,
a bunny going this way and that,
and our cat, Fluffy, surveying the scene.
They must not have met, no one seems to have been
in a particular rush.

The Kwanzaa Cherry tree hosts dozens of birds through the day.
Crows, bluejays, cardinals and mourning doves scatter
seed from the dish.

'Little brown jobbies' clean up the scatterings.

This red-bellied woodpecker visited two days ago.
His bright red head is a treasure in all the winter white.

Our garden looks surreal,
like it belongs on Hoth.
Nothing here for the birds to eat.

The bees are doing alright.
You can tell by the melt line under the insulation.
The hive mustn't be opened until it's above 50 degrees.
The workers keep it warm inside by vibrating their wings,
no way could they make up for a temperature drop.
Good for you workers, keep your queen warm!

Apparently they're also sheltering a sparrow.
See the prints going in between the milk crates?
Hang in there, birdie,
 winter won't last forever.
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