Friday, March 14, 2014

#603: Inside the Earth

Mostly we're content to see God's glory
on the surface, like tiny ants.
But when we get a chance to see what He's
working on underground...
Down we go!
Wearing helmets and properly roped in.
Norman, who's been taking folk down into caves for 25 years,
made sure it was safe.
Muchas gracias, Norman.
64 ladder rungs (I counted) down, past the sleeping bats.
This plant is an example of intrepid.

'Angels' in limestone

Non-intrepid explorer

Stalactites sparkle,

And sing.

The long climb home.

So glad I didn't meet this guy in the dark.
The Guanacaste hills, reforested.
Who knows what glories are hidden underneath?

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