Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#604: Easter egg necktie-dye kits

Islanders hate to toss anything.
You know, "We're on an island, what if I need it later?" 
(it being paper written on only one side, car parts, 
bits of wood, clothing suitable for painting rags...)
Thus, I was reluctant to discard the fat ends of neckties
I don't use in my business.
Last year my Sunday School class used neckties to make these:
Click here to see how.
Still,  gorgeous as they were,  they only used up a dozen fat ends.

This year, I'm making kits:
Lots of kits,
82 fat ends worth.

First I disassembled and cut up the ties.

Then made stacks of 12 different pieces for the kits,
with a couple of extras for just-in-case.

Then, cotton wraps from cleaned old sheets,
a twofer: I got to recycle sheets too!

Sets of elastics to tie it all together.

All bagged up in reusable lunch bags.
If you'd like one, email me.
I don't use plastic bags, they can't be recycled.

I colored in different patterns on each chick tie
while watching Ted talks.
I love Ted talks.

Also, YouTube.
Sharing some Nantucket happy. That's my son, the selectman,
at 2:33.
Yes, we're happy and busy in the winter;
but still can't wait for Easter.
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