Wednesday, April 16, 2014

607: Summer Street Church Renovation

Update: We're in this Sunday!
10:15 am Sunday April 20th
Joyfully Celebrating the Resurrection
 in our renovated sanctuary!
Hope to see you there.
(or at the Old Mill at 6:30am if you can't wait)

Last October, Summer Street Church
started a long overdue renovation.
Click on the link to see the whole process.
Our hope was to be back in for Easter.
We've been meeting at the Westmoor Club.
They'll need their space back soon for summer guests.

The first decision was to take out the organ.
This church worships with keyboard, guitar,
trumpet and drum.
The organ was rarely used.

As this mouse nest testifies.

Are you sad it's gone?
I have about 70 wood pipes at my house you are welcome
to come and get.

We used them to play
'Away in a Manger' at Christmas.

Removing the staging revealed long absent side pews.

And decoration. I wonder who did this, 
and why they chose this pattern.

 Scaffolding gave access to the peeling tin ceiling.

And to this Acanthus ornament above the central light.
Isn't it lovely?
Greek revival is such an elegant style.

The blue paint on the floors was sanded off letting
the original wood shine out warmly.
This short pew makes way for a wheelchair.
I call it the 'courting pew'.

The original builders decided against a porch and columns,
building columns right into the facade.

That look is duplicated in the old organ space.

Yesterday the carpet on the platform was going in.
Everything else is ready except...
a temporary variance from the Architectural Access Board.
You see, we only have one wheelchair space,
and the regulations require four, scattered.
Which we would be glad to put in,
except for this:
See that 2"lip under the pews?
That's not a platform, it cannot be removed.
The pews sit on structural beams
which had been carved out (!) to make the aisles.
This is going to take a lot more work than
can be done by Easter.

We pray that God would grant us
the variance so we can worship in this space.
But if not, we will worship wherever we can.
Because Easter celebrates the Resurrection,
the most jubilant day in the Christian calendar.

A 1 1/2 ton stone and a Roman Guard
couldn't keep Jesus in the tomb,
and regulation 521 CMR 16.10
can't keep us from worshipping Him.
Meet us, and other believers, at the windmill at 6:30 am.
When it comes right down to it,
we don't need a building.
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