Monday, April 21, 2014

#608: Boston Marathon redux

Last year's Boston Marathon ended in tragedy.
David was stopped a half hour out,
this year he was determined to run it again.
Training all winter (in spite of weird weather)
a half-marathon in New York and a prep race
with the Liver Foundation made him ready.

Easter Sunday, the day before the race,
is a busy day in our house.
Up at dawn for the Sunrise service at the Old Mill.

Then a long walk to Abram's Point

Then worship in our renovated sanctuary.
Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Alleluia!

After worship I dropped David at the Hy-line fast ferry.
There's an island tradition of waving to family and friends
from Brant Point, so I headed over.

And found two of my kids painting!

They found the cardboard outside the church,
and got some poster paint from the Sunday school closet.

A thrilling send-off.

There he is! Good thing David wore
a red coat and orange hat.

Go Dad!

And go he did,
I just got the call, he finished the Boston Marathon
in 5:10:02.
The hard events of the race last year were not the last thing.
This year, the finish line!
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