Thursday, May 1, 2014

#609: The Grey Lady strikes again

Is all this grey getting you down?
Rain, rain and more rain?
Even on Daffodil Weekend!
Here's a bit of color to cheer you up:
Let's start with food.
What could be better than a sushi party
when it's grey and rainy?

Caterpillar roll. Raa!

Flowers on the kitchen windowsill.
If one must do dishes,
 at least one can enjoy beauty while doing so.

A bouquet worthy of the flower show.
Brought to me by a friend who came
over for tea. 
I have the sweetest friends.

All color deprived Islanders need a mandevilla.
A showy feast for the eyes.

And a shy orchid.
She was hiding her beauty under her leaves
in the upstairs bathroom.
Surprised by beauty,
it's more precious in all the grey.

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