Friday, June 13, 2014

#615: Rainy Day Project

It's a rainy day on Nantucket.

Bearded iris through my bedroom window.

The baby chicks are warm enough beneath their light.
The constant peeping is so sweet.

So, with no gardening possible, 
I've been working on a footstool.

This collection of ties came in the mail.
I'm weaving them for a recently bereaved widow.
She sent pictures of her husband to inspire me.

Which I posted as I wove.
He favored the richer hues: gold, maroon, navy.

Which produced a jewel-toned piece.
Right side up.

Upside down.

And forward. Isn't it beautiful?
A rich-hued memorial of a well lived life.
Thank you, Jean, for the privilege of weaving for you.

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