Sunday, June 15, 2014

#616: Farmer's and Artisan's Market

For the first time ever
there was seafood at the Farmer's Market.
David and I loaded up
under the watchful eye of a seafood expert.

We weren't sure we'd have local product to sell
as the Ruthie B is still tied up.

If you'd like to help get her back fishing,
there's a Kickstarter campaign here.
Tom Dunham, captain of the Abby&Holly, came 
through with fish just in time.

Local seafood from a local fishmonger.

I did the selling, 
David had to get back to the market.
We had fluke, bluefish, scup, calamari. 
Also bluefish pate´,which sold out.

A good day in spite of the downpour.
See you next week.
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