Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#605: Howling winds or Howler monkeys

We're in the middle of a nor'easter.
With winds gusting up to 71 mph.
Howling winds are keeping me inside,
but my mind can wander where it wills...

Someplace warm like
Tamarindo beach in Costa Rica

Bright sun

Strolling musicians

Restaurants with palm trees and swings for seats.

Ocean kayaking on calm seas

Out to an island covered with hermit crabs

And bleached shells dumped by fishermen.
The same way Nantucket's fishermen dump conch shells
up on the beach.

Heading back after snorkeling.
We saw luminescent fish, puffers, eels, so many kinds.

Cruising cool.

A thick book and a chaise lounge.

One more dip in the pool.

Howler monkeys beat howling winds, any day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#604: Easter egg necktie-dye kits

Islanders hate to toss anything.
You know, "We're on an island, what if I need it later?" 
(it being paper written on only one side, car parts, 
bits of wood, clothing suitable for painting rags...)
Thus, I was reluctant to discard the fat ends of neckties
I don't use in my business.
Last year my Sunday School class used neckties to make these:
Click here to see how.
Still,  gorgeous as they were,  they only used up a dozen fat ends.

This year, I'm making kits:
Lots of kits,
82 fat ends worth.

First I disassembled and cut up the ties.

Then made stacks of 12 different pieces for the kits,
with a couple of extras for just-in-case.

Then, cotton wraps from cleaned old sheets,
a twofer: I got to recycle sheets too!

Sets of elastics to tie it all together.

All bagged up in reusable lunch bags.
If you'd like one, email me.
I don't use plastic bags, they can't be recycled.

I colored in different patterns on each chick tie
while watching Ted talks.
I love Ted talks.

Also, YouTube.
Sharing some Nantucket happy. That's my son, the selectman,
at 2:33.
Yes, we're happy and busy in the winter;
but still can't wait for Easter.

Friday, March 14, 2014

#603: Inside the Earth

Mostly we're content to see God's glory
on the surface, like tiny ants.
But when we get a chance to see what He's
working on underground...
Down we go!
Wearing helmets and properly roped in.
Norman, who's been taking folk down into caves for 25 years,
made sure it was safe.
Muchas gracias, Norman.
64 ladder rungs (I counted) down, past the sleeping bats.
This plant is an example of intrepid.

'Angels' in limestone

Non-intrepid explorer

Stalactites sparkle,

And sing.

The long climb home.

So glad I didn't meet this guy in the dark.
The Guanacaste hills, reforested.
Who knows what glories are hidden underneath?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#602: Costa Rica has a lot to teach us

First of all, no standing Army.
Or Navy, or Air Force.
Costa Rica abolished its military in1948.
The military budget was transferred to health, education,
and environmental protection.
There is no trash on the roadside.
Shall I repeat that? When you walk down the street,
city or country, there is no trash.
This sidewalk has various mints for a hedge.
It's in Monteverde, cell tower to the right.
Cellphone reception is everywhere.

Nantucketers who vacation in Costa Rica can get their teeth cleaned
for $40, dental work is 1/3 the US cost.
Medical care too. Fortunately, I didn't need any while I was there.

Even tho' I found this little guy in my bag at the airport.

93% of their energy is sustainably sourced.
Mostly hydroelectric but also wind, solar,  

and geothermal--they have 4 active volcanoes,
This one is Arenal, a popular tourist destination.
No lava, but plenty of hot springs. 

Everyone recycles.
The recycling cans at Monteverde Butterfly Gardens.

The current manager of the Gardens, a Canadian transplant,
 teaches ecology,  entomology,
and medicinal herbology to local school kids.
She's hoping to buy some microscopes so she can teach
microbiology too.
The more folk understand the natural world around them,
the better they take care of it.

Costa Ricans are highly conscious of their environment.

They even have wildlife on their money.
This bill, worth about $20US, features my favorite,
the three-toed sloth.
What's not to love in a country
with sloths on their money?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

#601: The other thing Nantucketers do in the winter

We go away.
Sorry, I know I usually write about
Nantucket's winter beauty,
but this year, even as lovely as it was
We left.

Taking a vacation from Nantucket is nearly
as complicated as taking one to Nantucket.
Step one: cab to ferry. Use Hy-line ticket book for $27.50 tickets.
Step two: overnight at Anchor In in Hyannis.
A great hotel with Islander rates.
The in-room iron and board came in handy
as we walked from the Hy-line and I got soaked.
Ironing my socks dry before dinner
Ate at the British Beer Company on Main Street,
a short, not-quite-as-rainy-but-still-icy walk away.
Walked back to the Inn and watched Winter Olympics.

Next morning early, bus to Logan.
Had to run for it as we lingered over the continental breakfast.
12:46 pm, flight to Houston,
5:45 pm flight to Liberia, Costa Rica arrives 9:17 pm
Thank you, United Airlines, loved the sunset.

And here we are, 29 hours later,
Hilton Garden Inn, Costa Rica!

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