Monday, June 30, 2014

#618: Go to Sconset, now. The roses are in bloom.

You know how every year you mean
to go out to Sconset in June to see the roses?
Well, this is the last day of June, so go!

They're peeking over rooftops.

and climbing walls.

Lining the beach as the sun rises.

Even the tiniest yards are packed with floral glory.

The foxglove does her part.

 The Chanticleer's roses can't be appreciated
in just a glimpse.
So maybe stay for lunch.

Friday, June 27, 2014

#617: Rantum scoot: Not so crowded after all

As the edges of Nantucket fill with visitors
and year-rounders seeking beaches and shopping, 
the center remains quiet.

Not exactly uncrowded: there are hundreds of water lilies
on the pout ponds.

Crowding out the sky's reflection.

Edged by water hyacinth.

Just starting into bloom.

Serenity by the water,
no wave action here.

Bushy rock roses in the center of the dirt road.

Tiny pond, teeming with life.
Just not the human variety.

Sheep laurel. Not because they like it,
but because it's poisonous to them.
Shepherds cleared the Sheep Commons of this and other
poisonous plants before letting their flocks graze.

Iridescent green beetle. Isn't it marvelous?

Another hidden pond.
We could do this all day...

A glimpse of the Silver Sea in C.S.Lewis' Voyage of the Dawn Treader:
"There seemed no end to the lilies.
Day after day from all those miles and leagues of flowers
there rose a smell which Lucy found it very hard to describe;
sweet--yes, but not at all sleepy or overpowering,

 a fresh, wild, lonely smell that seemed to get into your brain
and make you feel that you could go up mountains at a run
or wrestle with an elephant."

Cultivating the garden is today's elephant,
and now I'm ready...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

#616: Farmer's and Artisan's Market

For the first time ever
there was seafood at the Farmer's Market.
David and I loaded up
under the watchful eye of a seafood expert.

We weren't sure we'd have local product to sell
as the Ruthie B is still tied up.

If you'd like to help get her back fishing,
there's a Kickstarter campaign here.
Tom Dunham, captain of the Abby&Holly, came 
through with fish just in time.

Local seafood from a local fishmonger.

I did the selling, 
David had to get back to the market.
We had fluke, bluefish, scup, calamari. 
Also bluefish pate´,which sold out.

A good day in spite of the downpour.
See you next week.

Friday, June 13, 2014

#615: Rainy Day Project

It's a rainy day on Nantucket.

Bearded iris through my bedroom window.

The baby chicks are warm enough beneath their light.
The constant peeping is so sweet.

So, with no gardening possible, 
I've been working on a footstool.

This collection of ties came in the mail.
I'm weaving them for a recently bereaved widow.
She sent pictures of her husband to inspire me.

Which I posted as I wove.
He favored the richer hues: gold, maroon, navy.

Which produced a jewel-toned piece.
Right side up.

Upside down.

And forward. Isn't it beautiful?
A rich-hued memorial of a well lived life.
Thank you, Jean, for the privilege of weaving for you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#614: Baby chicks are here!

Aren't they cute?

I got the call from the USPS Annex at ten of eight this morning.
I headed right out to get them.
The Annex doesn't open till 10 but baby chick orders can't wait,
I went round the back and they got them for me.

Fifteen of these little fluffballs!

This sweet girl is a Barnevelder, 
she'll lay dark brown eggs. 

This one's a 'splash' chick,
her coloring is a double recessive trait.
I'll have to wait till she starts laying to figure her breed.
The muff feathers suggest an Easter egger.

I love guessing which chicks are which.
It gets easier as they feather in and start to lay.
For now, fluffy cuteness is enough.

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