Thursday, August 14, 2014

#623: Hats off to Hooligans Art Show

                                   Nantucket and art go together like peanut butter and jelly.
The Collective Shenanigans show at Pumpkin Pond Farm
is my favorite of the summer.
The spark of creativity that God gives each of his creatures
blasts out in every direction at this show.
From traditional beach scenes

and seascapes

to resin blocks

with tiny bits of plants in them.
The lightbox underneath highlights the flora.
No one passed this piece without playing-
rearranging blocks into different patterns.
It was rather addictive...

Man in Jerusalem by Nancy Jakubik,
look closer

He's fabric!

Tropical blues.

To floral pinks.
And a tapestry-hung room in the back showing animation videos.

This weaving's untitled but it says 'Autumn Rest' to me.

Sustenance provided by Roamin' Pizzeria
from their wood-fired oven.
Tonight, 6-midnight, is closing night, featuring fire dances at 10.
Not to be missed.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

#622: Garden Tour

For those of you who don't live on Nantucket
but wanted to tour our garden,
here you go:
Last March it looked like this.
A few leeks hanging on.
Mostly cleaned out by the chickens.

August. Come on in.

This Sweet100 tomato vine is at the garden's entry.
In theory, tiny tomatoes are ready-to-eat.
In reality, if I don't get this plant tied up soon,
the ants are going to get all the tomatoes.

The source of our fertile soil, the henhouse.

The 6-week old chickens are allowed in the popcorn garden.
They eat all the weeds and leave the corn alone.
Milkcrates cover the sweet potatoes.
No way they'll leave those alone.
We do let them have whatever escapes the crate.

Interlaken grapes. 
Safe from the chicks but not the crows.
 We might have to cover with deer netting
to keep them out.
This has been our best grape year yet,
due to some expert help in the spring.

Little Finger eggplant, ready to pick.
Stir-fry here we come.

Butternut squash, a favorite.
Mostly because vine-borers leave them alone.
Cutting out vine-borer grubs is my least favorite garden chore.

Kale. And more kale.
No such thing as too much kale.

Pumpkins on the chicken yard fence.
This one will have to go in a net bag to hold its weight.

Lots of cukes this year.
Also lots of cucumber beetles.
Every morning, after breakfast, it's bug squashing time.

Lavender along the path releases its scent.

Zinnias, red, orange, then yellow.
The grayest rainy day can't overpower zinnias.

Echinacea attracts bumblebees.
If the plants survive this winter,
we'll harvest buds next year to make an immune-boosting tea.

Onion tops tipping, Ready to pull.
Potatoes, mostly Yukon gold, are in the process of being dug.
It's a bit like a treasure hunt.

Garlic already harvested, fourth of July.

The garden in full production:
food, flowers,
and two chairs for sitting and chatting.
The perfect spot to listen for the Lord's voice.
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