Sunday, January 25, 2015

#628: Kombucha and classrooms

All summer long a delightful young fellow took care of
the Kombucha on our counter. 
After he went to Aspen, CO for the winter,
the Kombucha 'mother', neglected by me,
continued to produce baby scobys.
Lots of baby scobies.
Finally, after 3 months, with the jar
completely filled, I got to work.

 Big Pot
4 more quart jars with rings
coffee filters to cover tops
black tea bags

The recipe:
One gallon water
1/2 cup kombucha from old jar
one cup sugar
tea bags
Boil. Cool to room temp.

Pour into jars and add the scoby--
'Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast'

But how much tea?
Here's where I tell you why there's been no post, 
nor kombucha making,
nor very much sleep for the last 3 months.
I got a job teaching middle-school math, grades five through eight.
All my energy has gone toward my students.

Which leads us to: The Kombucha Project. 
The fifth graders had to figure out 'how much tea?'
One bag per cup, how many bags per gallon? 
We used the GallonBot to figure it out:

16 cups in a gallon. got it.
Therefore, 16 tea bags.
Each of the quarts got 4 cups,
the original kombucha 'mother' got a refill
and voila!

Lots of presents.
I can always find someone who wants a kombucha starter.
It's a little like having sourdough in the fridge. 

Always some to share.
The scoby floating at the bottom will rise to the top
in a few days and start making more scobies;-)

I was soooo glad to have some kombucha on hand
as I caught the flu over New Year's and needed to get
my system back in balance before classes started up again.

The sun rises on a new adventure every day.
Who can say what the Lord will do?
He only promises to be with me wherever I go.
Even into a middle-school math class.
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