Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#629: Blizzard 2015

There's always so much hype.
And we never get the storm.
Oh sure, it gets windy and rainy,
but no proper blizzard like the mainland.
Until today.

It began last night, half slush as per usual.
Chickens were all safe in their snug house.

During the night we got about 4 inches, with lightning, woo hoo!

Our scallop shanty downtown. Photo by Greg Hinson.

Lost electricity at 6 am. Phooey.
We have a gas stove so we weren't worried about cooking.
Chicken stir-fry for lunch, cooked by my daughter. Yum.
We did miss the internet. And phone. And heat.
But our house is pretty tight so the raging winds didn't bother us.
We went out only once to feed the birds.

Otherwise it was homegrown popcorn and charades.
I tried correcting papers but that wrecked the 'holiday' mood.

So we just read books. 

Lots of books.

Florence Nightingale moment. Checking on the cats.

Power came back on at 6:27.
No school tomorrow as the high school is the storm shelter, 
over 100 people stopped in.
There's my chance to get those papers graded. 
Unless we go sledding...

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