Sunday, February 1, 2015

#630: Winter Wonderland

Sometimes island life can be less than idyllic,
especially in the winter.
When there are no boats, or planes, or electricity.
It's a bother.

More so for the birds, whose food is covered with snow.
So, we put out some more.
All morning we watched them come and go.

In full color.

And full plumage, puffed against the cold.

We were out in full color too,
feeding the chickens and pouring boiling water
on their frozen water supply.

No bike rides today.

Or car rides either.
My Geo is a marshmallow.

Walking path to the back house,
previously a driveway.

An inukshuk, appropriately dressed,

Guards the road to nowhere.

Smooth snow, 1-3 feet deep.

Leads to a home for thousands.
No road necessary.
If you lean your ear right up against the hive
you can hear the hum of wings.

Then watch a cold sunset through snowy pines.
Our electricity came back on at 6:47 pm.

Thank you, National Grid.
Photo by Heather Unruh.

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